This is what we do at Snow Garden

Snow Garden creates campaigns and products to make people
more active, the society more equal and the future brighter.

Project – Women as role models in Norrbotten

Women as role models in Norrbotten is a project to encourage more women to live their dream in north Sweden and take leading roles in company structures and organizations.

We interviewed 68 women from Norrbotten county and took their portrait. This was then presented on big prints in exhibitions in Piteå, Boden, Luleå, Luleå Airport and Malmö.

The exhibitions attracted thousands of visitors, plenty of media coverage and the prime minister of Sweden asked for a private tour around the images.

The project was funded by Norrbottens Läns Landsting and the participating municipalities Luleå, Boden, Piteå, Älvsbyn, Haparanda and Övertorneå.

Project – Active Luleå

Active Luleå is an initiative to invite people in Luleå to take part of activities from the local sports- and cultural clubs in the city. It is presented in a calendar, where every month contains two activities which have times and places predefined.

The calendar is sent out every year to a few thousands of new citizens and is also present online so everyone else can take part of the activities.

The concept, idea and production is made by Snow Garden and produced together with Luleå Kommun.

City branding

Snow Garden has during the last years been working close together with Luleå Municipality to provide photographs from the area in the different seasons and during special events.

These pictures are shown all over the city, in magazines and in different campaigns.

Our pictures are the official images for Luleå on Wikipedia and Facebook.

Project – Norrbotten E-sport Arena

Norrbotten E-sport Arena is a project together with City of Luleå and Boden to establish and organise E-sport as any other sport.

We provide competitions, lectures, team practices and game nights. For more information, please visit

App – The Luleå Jukebox

To give presence to some of the culture from Luleå in the SXSW fair in Austin 2015, we developed a virtual jukebox. With recordings from th Ice Music arena and local music videos, the visitor could easily browse the selection of nordic sounds on an iPad.

It is also ported to the web:

Pro bono initiatives

Chess at Vetenskapens hus – idea & arrangements

Chess in Luleå City Park – idea & arrangements

Hamngolfen – idea & production

Christmas on Ice – advertising & pictures

Drone services

We have certificates and insurance for drone photography and filming in Sweden. We are using DJI Phantom 3 and 4.

App – Guess The Language

Our first iPhone app developed in Objective-C during 2011 in Paris. A game about identifying languages.

App – Chess clock 13:37

An iPhone app developed in Objective-C during 2012 in Paris.

1998 – founder of

During the late 90’s and beginning of the new millennium, Skunk Community was the biggest online community in Sweden. Hundreds of thousands youth were chatting, blogging and creating there first home on the Internet.

During late 1999 it was one of the most visited websites in Sweden and soon to be sold to Spray AB.

2016 it was awarded with it’s own section at the Swedish Internet museum.

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