Snow Garden – Consulting

Since 1997, we have been providing digital services, project management and consulting. We can help with media strategy, digital asset management and web/app development.

Snow Garden creates campaigns and projects to make people more active, the society more equal and the future brighter.

We help companies and organizations to create CSR campaigns. Ideas, production and to create great exposure.

Examples of projects:

  • Women as rolemodels in North Sweden
    Project management – Creating photo exhibitions with 68 inspiring woman rolemodels in Norrbotten.
  • Immigrants as rolemodels in North Sweden
    Project management – Currently starting up.
  • LF Konsthall
    App development – Designing an audioguide for their art exhibition with 100 artist from Norrbotten.
  • Active Luleå
    Project management – A calendar to help new citizens to find friends and activities in Luleå.
  • Norrbotten E-sport Arena
    Project management – To organize courses and tournaments in e-sports focusing on gender equality.
    Web/innovative development – Online streaming service specialized on padel.
  • Graphic concept for web images
    Together with Luleå municipality, creating a new concept for all main pictures on their website.

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